Jump-Start Guide to Creating an Audiobook

A new Jump-Start Guide to help authors create an audiobook.

Over 40 people participated in the book launch.  The author, Margaret Cook, presented an overview of this book during the July 9, 2014 Saint Louis Publishers Association meeting.

The meeting was in Brentwood, MO and there were special offers and prizes for everyone attending.  Click on SLPA to get all of the details about the organization and find out about future meetings.  Networking starts at 6:30 p.m. Central Daylight Time.

Special kudos to our co-presenter, Scott Newton, who provided Audio Engineering for All She Writ audio projects.  His URL is www.PageAndSound.com

Book Cover of the Jump Start Guide for Creating an Audiobook

The slides from the presentation will be available soon.  Check back often or subscribe to know about updates to this site.

Here is the new book trailer that is on the Amazon Author page:

Jump-Start Guide for Creating an Audiobook

Also available on YouTube


Remember to get your copy of the Kindle book at:


Let us know about your experience creating audiobooks and your questions.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. Thanks, Keith! I am glad that you were there and that you enjoyed the presentation. It was a great group of talented people like you at the SLPA meeting. I appreciate your encouragement.

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